Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 7 - June 21 2010
Odometer reads: same

Woke up late and grabbed a power bar for breakfast on our way out the door. Figured we saw a lot of the French Quarter the previous day so we decided to go to one of the cemeteries in town. On a map of there are half a dozen cemeteries to go to, we chose the biggest ones, the Metairie and Greenwood cemeteries. The two were divided by a highway and it was a bit difficult to find the entrances but we figured it out, improvisation is sort of the theme of this trip as we are slowly realizing. These cemeteries were really cool, we drove through them for about an hour, passing enormous intricate tombs that held entire family lines. There were thousands of stone crosses and statues and huge, old oak trees throughout the cemeteries, which each stretched probably a half-mile in each direction.

We left the cemeteries and explored a different part of town and came across Mr. J's Po-Boy restaurant, with the BEST philly cheesesteaks in America, for real. We'll have to see if Mo can find one in Philly that beats it. As nasty as it sounds, hot mayonaise made the sandwich.

It started pouring again while we were ordering and eating the po-boys (New Orleans' name for hoagies, apparently), and soon we attempted to find our way home on our own without Tonya, Kat's GPS... it eventually happened.

We hung out, took showers and got ready to go out with Smalls' bunk-mate, Camilla Griffith of London. Went to dinner at La Bayou on Bourbon Street where Smalls tried their fried alligator po-boy: for everyone's information, it tastes like fishy chicken. Not bad. We explored the nightlife of Bourbon Street, had a few drinks and bought some souvenirs, and even stopped in at Fat Tuesday's for a beer. Took the streetcar home around 12 and all headed to bed for the night.

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  1. Your Mom told everyone on facebook to come follow your journey so you better keep it G sister. Hope you girls have an awesome time and make plenty of memories to tide you over when your OLD like us. =)