Friday, July 2, 2010

it's been awhile...

So we finally found some internet! Apologies for asking you guys to follow us and then not updating... we're going to try not to get ten days behind again :)

Day 8 - June 22, 2010
Odometer reads: same

Woke up late in the morning to rain showers and overcast skies and ventured out to find the New Orleans city park and botanical gardens, which both had unexpected price tags. Luckily we found a beautiful tree park one or two blocks over with huge, 200 year-old trees, including our favorite tree, pictured here (Smalls is extra tiny, on the lower right). After climbing the trees and exploring the playground, we headed downtown to Decatur Street for a little last-minute shopping. Included in the trip: another stop at the Kupcake Factory and two more amazing philly cheesesteaks from Mr. J's. With full stomachs, we drove through the rest of the French Quarter and explored some of the streets we hadn't yet seen - Royal, Decatur, Dauphine and Dumaine Street were all gorgeous, definitely the jewels of the city. Antique shops and cafes everywhere, not to mention all of the beautiful big houses with wrought iron gates and balconys. We had to drag ourselves past the building pictured below, with apartments for sale for much less than they're worth (as apparently all of the properties are since the floods).

Headed back to the India House to watch TV for a little while and make dinner, and be lightly harrassed by the staff to attend their Jungle Juice Party on the back porch at 8 p.m. The had live music, a guitarist and singer from Columbia named Carlos, who was touring America for a month. We swam in the pool, split a bottle of wine and made a few friends, particularly with the owner of the hostel, Paddy - a British beach bum who moved to New Orleans 18 years ago and took over the India House from the previous owners. You can tell he's always the life of the party; loved to tell stories about his dog and where he was when Katrina hit: drunk in a bar buying the rest of the crowd drinks.

It was a great night and an awesome place to stay, highly recommended to everyone and anyone who travels to New Orleans.

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