Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 11 - June 25, 2010
Odometer reads: same

Slept in and got up slowly - nice. Packed some things up and headed north a few miles to the San Antonio Natural Bridge Caverns for a tour of the caves. We were led by our fearless leader and recent high school graduate, Cheyenne, 180 feet down into the Earth for an hour and a half. The caverns were discovered by 4 college students from St. Mary's and have some structures that are over 40 feet high and 8 inches thick (pictured is one of the largest, The King's Throne), and they only grow 1 cubic inch every 100 years! We hiked through the wet caverns for about an hour and then visited the gift shop before heading out.

Left the caverns and went to Lulu's Bakery and Cafe for lunch. The place was packed, and the waitresses all could easily have been related to one another - loud, sassy, and busy. Smalls finally got her country fried steak, and loved it, and Kat had the best burger ever. We also found out at some point that we needed to be on a wait list for an infamous 3 pound cinnamon bun - needless to say we got on it pretty quickly. 45 minutes later, an enormous, warm cinnamon bun was presented to us on a too-small plate wrapped in plastic wrap. The picture explains it all.

We again rolled ourselves out of the restaurant, bun in hand, and down the road to the Alamo to actually see it during operating hours. Explored the Alamo for awhile, especially the courtyard behind the building - gorgeous gardens and trees. We read spots of the posted history and listened in on a couple of tour guides' speeches and looked around inside a bit; the building apparently had quite an influence on the surrounding architecture of downtown San Antonio and the Riverwalk.
Left the Alamo and grabbed a few groceries on our way home to the motel for our first real night in of the trip. Lazed around in the room and watched Cesar Milan and a History Channel special on the USS Reagan for several hours and devoured the rest of our guacamole before dozing off.

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