Saturday, July 10, 2010

not really much of an update...

...and I don't have our notebook to make a "Day" post, but I feel like writing. It's 11:01 p.m., and I'm currently sitting in a parking lot in Bryce, Utah, mooching off of an RV park's WiFi while waiting for Smalls - who is mooching a shower off of the same RV park. We don't usually do this, it's a unique evening because our campsite hosts are stingy and charge a quarter a minute for a shower. Hope everyone is enjoying reading this blog as much as we enjoy writing it (when time and location permit); miss you all, see you soon :)

...I'm a child.

p.s. Smalls is making fun of me for the URL of this blog... so just so everyone knows, that one was my idea. Meant to be a joke.

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