Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 19 - July 3, 2010
Odometer reads: 4803 miles

Got up lateish, left Denver, and arrived in Rocky Mountain National Park early this afternoon. Got Kat some pants on the way there, since it is freezing in the West and she didn't pack anything except shorts. The drive was amazing, the mountains were hidden by the leaning cliffsides, the space on the roads was minimal, we were so close to the edge of the cliffs and the walls. The park was packed because for 4th of July weekend and it seemed everyone in Colorado and Utah had arrived to play. At 2 miles above sea level we arrived at our campsite #100, the only one unoccupied, and set up our tent quickly so we could get moving and see the rest of the park. Only having a day and night to spend in the park we decided to do the infamous 50 mile drive along Trail Ridge Road that cuts right through the middle of the park and has pulloffs for picture taking and elk gazing. By the way it was freezing up there. Notice there is ice all over the mountain tops.

The meandering river in the valley was pretty cool. Anyways there were elk everywhere, Kat loves them and couldn't stop taking pictures - some of them had antlers that were 3 and 4 feet long!

After sightseeing for a couple of hours we got back to our campsite to fire up the grill, or fire pit and successfully made corn, grilled zucchini, and Rice-A-Roni in our little pot.

Obviously Kat is more attentive than Smalls.

After enjoying the view and a lovely sunset from our site we headed into town to grab some home made ice cream. We returned and just before going to bed we heard a woman in the next site scream quite hysterically, as we looked on we noticed a fair sized brown animal make its way by our neighbors tent and slink towards the cars. At that moment, Kat made us both get inside the tent and go to bed.

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  1. Hello Girls. Did y'all fall off of Pike's Peak or what? You haven't blogged in over a month. How can one live vicarously like this?
    Hope y'all are safe wherever you are.