Friday, July 9, 2010

**Pictures are not cooperating at the moment... I'll add them another day.

Day 15 - June 29, 2010
Odometer reads: same

Smalls was up early due to our tent placement, just outside the shade of our overhang, and sat writing postcards for awhile. Steve came over just a minute before he left and gave Smalls a thank-you note for dinner with his name/number, and a bottle of pepper spray just in case us girls weren't "packing heat". Not a bad trade; Steve was nice, hope his trip is going well. Kat slept for another couple of hours, oblivious to the temperature or commotion.

We got moving a bit later and took the car to downtown Roswell for an oil change and a rinse: brand new! Next we headed to a nearby laundromat with bars on the windows to clean 14 days of dirt off of our wardrobes. While we waited for the laundry, Smalls found a videogame in the corner with a spinning ball as the control unit; it didn't spin because it was so dirty and covered with scum. Naturally, she wrote our names in the scum and then ran to the car to return with wet wipes to clean it off... Tidy Smalls :)

We headed back to the campsite to try to have another successful cooking experience, but it was incredibly windy and took us an hour to light the coals. Finally, after heating the grill up we made an attempt at Ramen noodles... which failed. PB&J's are both the foundation and fall-through food of the trip; always have PB&J makings. It started raining around 3 o'clock and didn't stop until 6 p.m., so 3 hours was spent in the car, watching Will & Grace on Kat's computer. When the rain finally started to die down we quickly rearranged the tent next to the shelter, and fastened the tarp over it just in case it rained again. It was a good thing... as soon as we finished building our little home, it started pouring again. The best things about the rainstorm were the awesome sunset and the biggest, brightest rainbow we've ever seen. We watched the sunset from our shelter and headed to bed.

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