Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 9 - June 23, 2010
Odometer reads: 2255 miles

On to Texas! Woke up early, turned in our sheets and parted ways with the India House and all of it's lovely personalities. Lots of friendly people in New Orleans, even the tourists from all over - I think the city's laidback attitude rubs off on visitors. Enjoyed New Orleans and had a great time, but we've got to get back to camping... plenty of money was spent on souvenirs, food, bed, and drinks.

Got in the car and started driving. Drove... drove some more. We crossed Louisiana and made a large dent in the mileage we needed to cover for the day but Texas is BIG, and we still needed to go halfway through it to get to San Antonio. We decided to pull "Road Food" out and find a place to go in Houston for lunch and settled on a little place called William's BBQ. Finally got to the exit and made the 15 mile trek off the highway to get there, only to find a lonely slab of concrete and the restaurant's old cooker. Somewhere along the line, Outback's unlimited pumpernickel bread came up in conversation, so that became our new destination. The next hour was frustrating, full of packed highways like this one, and to sum it up in one perfectly appropriate quote, Houston was "like driving through hell" - Momma Shiner. We finally got there and ate like it was going out of style - probably scared the waitress a bit...

Drove for a few more hours through a great sunset and countless miles of grasslands, finally stopping at a motel in Flatonia for the night. The place was a little downtrodden, but after ten hours on the road, any bed was great.

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