Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 12 - June 26, 2010
Odometer reads: 2957.2 miles

T'was the day to leave San Antonio! So we did, and headed northeast towards Austin, but stopped when we hit New Braunfels for some tubing down the Guadalupe River. Was that a hoot. Lots of characters, drunk and high, short and tall, some seemingly unintelligent. It was hilarious and tons of fun, especially watching Kat's reaction to our surroundings. We were planted in the middle of a field called "overflow camping" with about 200 other people and their F-150s. We were admittedly worried at first but soon realized that floating down the river at a snail's pace was normal for many of the people that were there. People make a weekend out of getting drunk and tying 20 tubes together, and we soon found out that everyone was just there to have fun with friends. We floated down the Guadalupe for about 3 hours; the first hour was rather slow but we turned a corner and drifted into some rapids... Lift the REAR! It was quite exciting going down with our extra tube, holding our shoes, cooler, and camera. We attached it to our tubes with some twine and Kat named it Fat... it makes sense, a fairly useless and heavy material that slowed us down. Anyways, we hit a few more rapids and headed for the shuttle bus to take us back after floating by a guy who slurred a "Hello" and waved with a beer. Two more hours next to him and we might have watched him drown so we got out. The shuttle was fun too: a ride in a crammed white van with about 17 people hollering at the driver and laughing hysterically. It was genuinely funny and Smalls certainly felt like she was in the south again.

After putting some clothes on, we were definitely due for some food. We drove about an hour to Austin to test out another "Road Food" restaurant, Hoover's Cooking. The place seemed small from the outside, but when we entered it was loud and bustling with people. Our waiter, Stacey, arrived immediately with Hoover's fresh-squeezed lemonade in huge glasses (that were actually pitchers), and we ordered. Smalls got what she claims to be the best burger she's ever had, smoked and grilled and complete with green chile and jalapeno on top. We finished with a few award-winning mango margaritas and headed back to our camp-field for the night.

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